Birmingham’s Living Walls

Last week I was in Birmingham seeing all the urban renewal going on. It’s pretty impressive how much is happening. I’ve never understood the bad rap B’rum gets. It’s an amazing city, buzzing with energy and community and diversity. It seems to have a few chips on it’s shoulder but I can see why being so close to London it struggles for it’s own identity. But I don’t think it needs to struggle. I think it’s fabulous and is so unique in it’s personality and character.

One thing I really enjoyed with all the urban renewal were the Living Walls. This one is on the new New Street Station concourse. It’s part of the Floral Trail project. I read that there are many in Birmingham in part to combat Carbon Emissions as the city is struggling to keep it;s pollution under control but also of course it’s for the greater health and enjoyment of green spaces for the citizens.

“The Floral Trail project forms part of Birmingham’s entry into the Royal Horticultural Society In Bloom campaign and can be enjoyed by visitors to the city until the end of the summer. Birmingham has a world-class reputation for its floral displays, and throughout the trail there are plenty of places to stop for a break, and enjoy the beautiful blooms”

I’m not aware of any living walls in Edinburgh, I’m off to see if I can find any ..

And I looove B’rum’s canals .. check out this view while I was eating my lunch on the canal!