My Cow Milk Jug collection

And now .. my Cow Milk Jug collection! Tah-daaahhh .. Hans Clausen is looking for North Edinburgh people to join his project Collectors. I thought I’d post about my own collection .. it’s Cow Milk jugs .. well, it’s all up for grabs isn’t it, what catches our eye or interest or obsession and becomes a collection?

I’m not sure how it started really. I know it was before 2001 as I have pictures of my kitchen in first flat in Leith with 5 of them on the shelf. And I’m not sure which was my first cow, though I do recall a certain glee at my first find and the idea of offering tea to guests offering milk from cow milk jug.

Then I started noticing them more and buying them, loving how each had their own personality. Some are kind of whining, some look joyous at the thought of providing milk for your cuppa .. and others seem grumpy or simply content. One looks like a Zen Master. As a collection they make quite a ‘noise’ .. you can really imagine a chorus of ‘moos’ coming from them.

My partner isn’t so keen on them and when I excitedly rush to choose one as we have friends popping round for tea he says they don’t work and the milk goes everywhere. I just say he doesn’t pour it properly. But I secretly think he has a favorite ..

So now I have 21. I keep an eye out for them but I haven’t gotten a new one in two years sadly. I try not to seek them out online but instead prefer our paths to cross more naturally by second hand shop browsing or sometimes a friend knows I collect them and brings one to me.

Whatever you collect, get in touch with Hans, or (M: 07340 107990) he’s got a great Collectors project taking shape.