The Forth Plinth came alive on West Pilton Park at PCHP’s community park event on Sunday 17th July.

A BIG thanks to all the enthusiastic human works of art!!

Who or what will you put on the Forth Plinth?

The Forth Plinth is in North Edinburgh and in search of  ‘artworks’…

Who or what should be celebrated or immortalised in a public art work?

What’s with the tradition of putting sculptures on plinths?

What does a plinth do to an art work, to the location…and to the viewers?

A ( 1:2 scale ) replica of the Fourth Plinth in London’s Trafalgar Square, ARCADEUM’s ‘Forth’ Plinth brings an empty classical plinth into the Forth area of North Edinburgh as a playful focal point for community conversations about art in the public space.

Who or what should a public sculpture in North Edinburgh celebrate or raise awareness of?

ARCADEUM are looking for organisations, community groups or individuals to adopt the plinth, to propose who or what should be presented on it and where possible to create and record their proposals on the plinth.

Email; with any requests or ideas about The Forth Plinth